Pawon Temple tells about fire

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pawon is the name of a temple not far from Borobudur temple. Pawon restored in 1903 by J.G. de Casparis. Pawon name can not be known for certain of its origin. J.G. de Casparis interpret that pawon comes from the Javanese Awu which means ashes, gets the prefix ‘pa’and suffix ‘an’ that show a place or somewhere. In the daily Javanese language said, pawon means the kitchen, but De Casparis interpret funeral. Local residents also called Pawon temple with Bajranalan. The word is probably derived from the Sanskrit word vajra which means "lightning" and anala which means "fire".

Inside the temple chamber had not found the statues, making it difficult to identify it further. One thing that is interesting about this temple is the dressing variety. Outside the temple walls are decorated with reliefs of biological tree (Kalpataru) that flanked the coffers and Kinara-Kinari (creatures half-human half-bird / bird-headed human bodied). Pawon the location is in between the temple and the temple of Borobudur Mendut, just 1.750 meters away from the temple of Borobudur and 1.150 m Mendut.

There is not complete enough, if go to Borobudur, but not visit Pawon Temple. 

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